Recent Work

Hitchhiker Series
Graphites & Colored Scratchboard: 2017

Michael Bereznoff is an artist who spent many years in Baltimore, Maryland. While there, he painted streetscapes of that city, known for it's dark side as depicted in "The Wire" and "Homicide: Life on the Street", using brilliant saturated color. These sunny, glowing images of familiar neighborhoods were almost always devoid of human habitation and were painted in an immediate slapdash way with full brush; sometimes leaving drips or spatter.

Now Michael has moved to sunny Florida and his artwork has taken a turn for the dark side. He has made an almost complete about face in terms of subject matter and technique. His new series of scratchboard drawings are meticulously rendered in contrasting black and white, and illustrate mysterious narratives often involving law enforcement officers or uniformed men. These narratives almost always take place at night and so have the atmospheric bent of classic film noir. Bereznoff employs the night sky and streetlamps to illuminate curious goings on that sometimes convey a surreal or mythical element. The cinematic component continues in Bereznoff's choice of a 1950's theme to chronicle the events taking place. 1950's automobiles, police uniforms, gas stations and wanton women all figure into pithy vignettes that keep the viewer asking questions. The overall title of this series is Hale's Corners: Visions From the Black Hole. Bereznoff was actually born in the village of Hale's Corner's, Wisconsin in the heart of the Midwest in the 1950's. Does this series recount the memories impressed on his fledgling soul from those childhood days?